Correct workstation setup

Incorrect posture at work can lead to many problems including neck pain, back pain and headaches. It is vitally important that if you work a desk job where you will be sitting in front of a computer for long hours during the day that you get the workstation set up correctly.

Important points to set up your workstation:

  • Sit in front of your workstation such that your monitor is directly in front of you.
  • Your arms should be at right angles from your shoulders when you type.
  • Your keyboard should be flat.
  • The top of your monitor should be level with your eyes.
  • Do not sit too close to your monitor – at least an arms length away.
  • Ensure your seat is properly adjusted.
  • Your lower legs should be at right angles to your thighs
  • If your feet don’t reach the ground, use a footrest.
  • Do not reach too far for your mouse, keep it close to your keyboard and support your arm on the desk when using your mouse.
  • Use a document holder attached to the side of the monitor.
  • Take regular breaks every hour, stretch your legs and do some simple neck and back movements. Walk around for a few minutes.

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